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Well, I think that an updated map of the current status may be useful

===A map for Mageia===
This is not a sitemap, more like a work in progress and "try to find your own way" into Mageia.
(as a subtitle I had thought Mageia, the project you're the hero :D)

{{image class="center" alt="Mageia Map" title="Mageia Map" url="" link=""}}

BTW, the [[ source is available as a XMind file]] (under this WikiLicense of course), see CompileXMind to edit it

~- add colors for external services: in green (social networks, flickr...) - should add freenode in green too
~- advancement: given by the partially-filled square (or "start" when work is yet to be done)
~- subjects of the moment available: the **!** in orange
~- see MageiaMirrors for zoom on mirrors (not yet build-system, will be on MageiaBuildSystem to describe interactions and process)

~- find how to import svg from to add icons
~- zoom on existing / to do (not yet detailed)
~- add a "functional" approach : support / development / repositories / help / documentation / marketing / magazine...
~- how to export in SVG?
~- currently, only what exists, add remaining to do, current works
~- create MageiaBuildSystem to describe build-system / bugzilla / cauldron-forums / relation to mirrors / others?

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