What could be the process for a Mageia Build-System ?

This page should be splitted in 3, for brainstorming purpose at the moment with release process and teams building shown in parallell :-)

Mageia Build-System process proposal

Mageia Build-system process

Download source Build-system XMind source (under WikiLicense) and edit it with XMind

hmmmm project / release process, first try

Mageia release process for the project (tentative)
Download source release process source (under WikiLicense) and edit it with XMind

The workflow may have evolved a bit :)

ToDo: add MageiaReleaseCycle description (backports / updates on current version)

See what is done on fedora project:

Competences identified in Mageia Project

Interactions and responsibilities are not that easy to modelize o_O check http://mageia.org/wiki/doku.php?id=ressources for registration
resources interactions in Teams
Download source Mageia teams source (under WikiLicense) and edit it with XMind


add a zoom on build-system

the whole way we import rpm is quite obscure
ie, where to check what is missing, what is actually done, etc
what is needed to be done, what is the planning

who is in charge of signing pkgs ?

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