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What could be the process for a Mageia Build-System ?

This page should be splitted in 3, for brainstorming purpose at the moment with release process and teams building shown in parallell :-)

=====Mageia Build-System process proposal=====
{{image url="" title="Mageia Build-system process" alt="Mageia Build-system process"}}

Download source [[ Build-system XMind source]] (under WikiLicense) and edit it with [[CompileXmind XMind]]
~- a user requests an upstream version of an application (well, should be done in the bugtracker, of course or a relay, be it manual or in a dedicated application)
~- add workgroups (user + packager + triage team) for dedicated packages
~- add power-user (may be a moderator in forum or specific-ML) or ad-hoc group of users that make a class-action request
~- identify "spin-off" be it dedicated repositories for testing (if needed or at least group of users having specific-purpose interest)
~- add mainstream release process (see below with alpha / bĂȘta / rc)
~- add LiveCD community builds "trying it is being convinced" :) like MUD, XFCE, Community64... (well, just add that centralized repositories / work put in common is the default unless specific incompatibilities / build-specific features, e.g. Jack? XCB? which would have identified impacts for casual user)
~- imho, make another diagram for backports requests (based on number of requests/popularity, identified people in charge of testing/packaging and maintaining those backports), this would provide a good explanation of rolling release vs backports vs updates according to many pov, be it packager, upstream, user, factual dependancies, developers of installation tools/mirror managers). See

=====hmmmm project / release process, first try=====
{{image url="" title="Mageia release process for the project (tentative)" alt="Mageia release process for the project (tentative)"}}
Download source [[ release process source]] (under WikiLicense) and edit it with [[CompileXmind XMind]]

The workflow may have evolved a bit :)

ToDo: add MageiaReleaseCycle description (backports / updates on current version)

See what is done on fedora project:

=====Competences identified in Mageia Project=====
Interactions and responsibilities are not that easy to modelize o_O check for registration
{{image url="" title="resources interactions in Teams" alt="resources interactions in Teams"}}
Download source [[ Mageia teams source]] (under WikiLicense) and edit it with [[CompileXmind XMind]]

~- add communication and marketing team interactions (same team at the moment), internal (blog+wiki) + external comm'
~- qa (testers) and bugsquad (triage) should interact too
~- perhaps have community management be interaction of competences
~- add sysadm and webteam for infrastructure
~- translator work on packages (descriptions) and software too (working with upstream)

===add a zoom on build-system===
the whole way we import rpm is quite obscure
ie, where to check what is missing, what is actually done, etc
what is needed to be done, what is the planning

who is in charge of signing pkgs ?

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