Well, Mageia is the GNU/Linux distribution users plebiscite, be it for desktop use or for advanced users who want a plethora of packages for versatile use of their preferred distribution.

I'd like to address specific problems identified at Desktop Linux: The Dream Is Dead

I've already identified (in french) that GNU/Linux already has killer-apps, not one, many of them and that switchers from EeePC original OS (Xandros) probably did it for wrong reasons (or at least lack of basic knowledge and evident difficulties

A live-CD for Mageia should innovate

What are things you want to show on a live-CD ? A basic desktop ? Some well chosen tools to identifiy how the distribution will work on your future computer ? What changes to expect depending on what people declare to use (differences with... or genuine use of what's available)

Some software good for demos

How to achieve it

Well the usual engineering methods usually work:

what is to be kept in mind for a live-CD

I really meant to say is we should put more effort on flash than optical media, because

other ideas

Find how to deliver the tools to the users so that they make them work and enhance them (code, doc') on their own, creating ad-hoc teams.

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