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Well, Mageia is the GNU/Linux distribution users plebiscite, be it for desktop use or for advanced users who want a plethora of packages for versatile use of their preferred distribution.

I'd like to address specific problems identified at [[ Desktop Linux: The Dream Is Dead]]

I've already identified (in french) that [[ GNU/Linux already has killer-apps, not one, many of them]] and that [[ switchers from EeePC original OS (Xandros) probably did it for wrong reasons]] (or at least lack of basic knowledge and evident difficulties

===A live-CD for Mageia should innovate===
What are things you want to show on a live-CD ? A basic desktop ? Some well chosen tools to identifiy how the distribution will work on your future computer ? What changes to expect depending on what people declare to use (differences with... or genuine use of what's available)
~- see [[ CommunicationLibreHardware]] for a tool to check how your computer hardware is expected to work could be useful, would give advices and recommend to read release notes (imho)
~- basic welcome page explaining what to expect and how to add functionalities
~- remind people that a live-CD is only 700 MB whereas the repositories contain over 30 GB worth of software and more than 13000 packages in over 70 languages

===Some software good for demos===
~- [[ XaoS]]
~- [[ Gnofract4D]] with a [[ fractal images gallery!]]
~- check [[ metisse]] evolutions for tablet pc and ensure there's good dcumentation or include videos how to use it (with subtitles)
~- videos at dailymotion in Ogg/Theora or at youtube in WebM and differences with other videos (think benchmarks by users, minimum hardware required, collaborative validation of what works...)
~- check [[Blog20100925MageiaGoodRoots good roots]] to remember what makes the difference for us and [[Blog20100920MageiaSuggestions suggestions]]

===How to achieve it===
Well the usual engineering methods usually work:
~- reduce to a check-list of things that must work, using the [[ MoSCoW method]]
~- ensure testing is suficiently exhaustive, is analyzed and remaining bugs can be diagnosed (logs) or at least circumvented, mostly with hardware and each and every software included

===what is to be kept in mind for a live-CD===
I really meant to say is we should put more effort on flash than optical media, because
- Really small computers do not have CD/DVD ( I have one ), think netbook
- Less bad media or writer problems ( I have had both )
- Less write tool problem ( I think )
- The OS is starting up and load new applications faster (not as fast as from hard disk, but gives better impressions than a Live CD) and/or lower demand of RAM (for buffering)
- Persistent storage (Well it could be really useful for actual use, travelling, repair tool.)

===other ideas===
Find how to deliver the tools to the users so that they make them work and enhance them (code, doc') on their own, creating ad-hoc teams.

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