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MobileAndroid > List of Android applications that may be useful or even libre

===List of Libre Android Applications===

==book collection==
I use it to list my existing books (and DVDs), things to buy, using a barcode scanner would be a plus (see Blog20110603BarCodeWebcam)

gcstar viewer to view lists of collection (books, DVDs for example), missing quick entry or list by author (I only found alphabetical title list)
gcstar scanner to scan barcode of book (for example), see CompileGcstar
Barcode scanner (ZXing library) (GPL) found at (GPLv3) found at

FBReader or better: Cool Reader

ConnectBot & Irssi ConnectBot (Apache license 2.0)
~- key fn & right-shift permits to enter / and tab (useful in irssi), connect through ssh, then using "arrow-keys" is ok to find previous commands (like ##screen -x irssi## :D)

NetCounter (GPL v3)
NetMeter (apache license 2.0)

K-9 mail

swiftp hmmm no longer maintained :/ could have been a good replacement for SDC

== OpenStreetMap applications ==

==Music & Video==
Songbird vidéos en replay chaînes

frozen bubbles

==to be checked==
OsmAnd+ and OsmAnd, differences: one is the donation version, see see (game) based on the VuDroid code base RunnersHigh is a jump&run game for Android. Help the hungry dinosaur to get as far as possible by jumping from platform to platform. dictionnary game syndicate

===Applications I've dropped===
AndroIRC replaced by Irssi ConnectBot, seems I currently don't need direct connection to IRC
Astro file manager replaced by [[ Ghost Commander]] (like midnight commander aka mc)
Talking Tom Cat replaced by nothing as it is useless and intrusive

===Contributing to f-droid repository===
Check and specifically "Inclusion policy"

Have a look at
~- the forum for submission:
~- data to be provided is described at:
~- an example:
~- source code for both client & server (build-system) are available
~- some statistics for each package (not updated since 2014-09-28)
~- stats for each application / version

===List of lists of android applications=== 78 results found 72 projects with tag android at 20110802 gratis applications

===List of non-free Android applications===
QR Droid private barcode scanner
RATP premium transportation itineraries

Android System Info (asi)

rebirth tetris-like
Robo Defense free quite addictive, I'll check with pro version if needed (not too many ads, though the game in itself is an incentive to upgrade)
Speedx 3D free hmmm some ads and any option seems an incentive to upgrade...

Sensorly identify GSM / Wifi maps, using google maps :/ capacity to give feedback and upload tracks and logs

Software Data Cable enables a FTP server (on a specific port), only using wifi connection (and __not__ the internal wifi hotspot :/)

Mobo Player (based on ffmpeg)

==to be checked==

Hacker's keyboard

Data enabler widget
Gps essential
Barrot mate
Oi shopping list

Sncf direct
Rsync backup for Android

WiFi radar
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