I've been a long time supporter for Mageia, from day -1 (yep the 17th September, 2010), even though I knew beforehand something was happening (let's say it all started in May... though it was not official, only informal and I could not yet contribute really, not even support or talk about it as I did not have suficient factual information).

I never registered though to identity, only to the temporary wiki, mainly because I wanted the official wiki to become official. For personal reasons (mainly lack of time, due to new projetct beginning... limiting my time, libre for active support), I could not officialize my support when it became available. I did it today though, some reasons.

Today I finished installation of Mageia 2 alpha (still cauldron) on my EeePC. And I'm trying to find some time to contribute really (well, let's say for the next 10 years... I'm confident that people I know will still be there and will enjoy meeting newcomers).

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