well, reading

* http://blog.mandriva.com/en/2012/05/02/dear-community-ii/
* I'm reminded to have a look at http://blog.mandriva.com/en/2012/04/30/this-time/
* and http://blog.mandriva.com/en/2012/04/20/annual-general-assembly-of-shareholders/
* but I heard first http://blog.mandriva.com/en/2012/04/12/hello-community-make-yourself-heard/

seems I've not get contacted since. Well, then I'm not part of the community
* though having an account at bugzilla.mandriva.com
* though being a french administrator of Association des Utilisateurs Francophones de Mandriva Linux
* though being on #mandrivafr
* though being an admin of irc channel #aufml
* though being a client of PowerPack (well, maybe I missed the e-mail)
* though being subscribed to cooker ML (which I do not read suficiently regularly)
* though reading forum.mandriva.com (where's the official feedback ?)

well, I could have suggested adding at least some URL to the message:
* http://forum.mandriva.com/fr/viewtopic.php?f=137&t=135876&start=450
* or (more relevant imho of respective ignorance of each other) http://forum.mandriva.com/fr/viewtopic.php?f=95&t=136714
well, maybe just forget it

well, maybe I missed the message, did not received it or was not here at the moment. I'm not much convinced that efforts were made on the right side (yah, getting known and recognized by your so called community requires work), well I think that for the moment I'm out of it, desesperation and time having made their way. Thank's and all for the fish.

see you (or not).

side notes :
* rosa WTF ?
* foundation, yah got the message, WTF (again) ?
* Mandriva SA saved, hoora \o/ WTF ?
* who do I still know and is still there ?
* who can I discuss with on understandable grounds (cooker, objectives, interaction online) ? nobody ATM

a common future
* well, see you at Solution Linux as I won't be at RMLL
* which developments / testing / objectives in common with mageia and workforce allocated to it ?
* what is the model ?
* why would it be interesting ?
* when will there be concrete collaboration and perhaps IRL encounters ?
* where (Paris, Bruxelles, ...)
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