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===Context of replacing Visio by Inkscape===
I'm an IT architect and have long used Visio for schemas of technical architecture for applications.
What I need most is :
~- good looking shapes (that may come from
~~- collection of available shapes to order them according to tags, by similarity/coherency
~~- rework shapes to reduce their size
~- connectors
~- small size for resulting graphics (conversion to PNG is possible)
~~- reuse existing shapes to avoid duplication (and identify wherever a shape is used: for example, to replace it with a better one)
~- "calques" : front to back and back to front, see [[]] for more details
~- text added to a shape, with multiple lines, below, above, on the right or left, free

BAudToDo: better list requirements

===Existing documentation about Visio vs Inkscape===
I've already tried to replace Visio by Inkscape, in 2008 at least, but I think I was not yet ready, though Inkscape could have worked correctly for me (or dia).
~- some other open-source alternatives exist:
~- ah, can import objects from that could do it as a quick-and-dirty drawing tool (which is often suficient for a first draft)

===Some results===

BAudToDo: add some graphics showing final result achieved

===What changes when using Inkscape===
In this section, I'll try to address the changes I had to do to adapt to Inkscape, instead of just trying to do like I did with Visio. Tools are different, approaches are different, so achieving the same result can require to do it differently.

These [[ tips and tricks in the wiki]] may help
~- objects do not have text automatically attached to them
~~- for example : to include text in a rectangle (let's say a "box")
~~~- draw a rectangle, add a text somewhere, center it
~~~- shift-left-click on text and rectangle then Menu / Text / Flow into Frame (the text will be centered in the rectangle horizontally but not vertically)
~~~- to center vertically : either move the text with the mouse or use the tool align/distributed after selecting both text and rectangle then center vertically (take care : the position of the text will be kept when moving the rectangle only and only if you do not select the text with the rectangle, in which case the text will be put at the top of the rectangle)
~~~- resize frame for word-wrapping without resizing text
~~~- center vertically
~~~- BAudToDo: find a way to keep the text centered vertically and horizontally (this last one is ok). Perhaps simply group text and rectangle? (seems to work and text remains at the same place)
~- rectangles can have rounded corners: just use the round item to get a rectangle corner or more-or-less rounded corners
~- use of layers
~- use of connectors

===Good looking shapes===
~- recommendations:
~- check "from chaos to order" images available for example from (check licenses if you want to reuse it)
~- some interesting tags at
~- (registering required)

===Existing tools===
check (in French)
~- Graphviz: cool for logical diagrams
~- ""LibreOffice"" Draw with
~- diagramo: - GPL
~~- web access:

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