CGU 1.0

After the proposal :

Terms and conditions _may_ apply

Let's talk about CGU 2.0

  • libre license
  • respect of private data
  • capacity to reuse: e.g. translate / add subtitles
  • snowden revelations came after 2013

Current situation with this documentary

A libre license: what does it permits and enables?

private data

  • attending such an event is _my_ choice, why should it be known and relevant for others if I do not choose to tell them?
  • why tracking could be ever legitimate? I did not ask for it.

Snowden revelations

  • of course, Snowden showed that not only what is shown is _real_, more is done that you would not have imagined
  • since Patriot Act, it's "guilty unless proven otherwise", which is both unconstitutional and against human rights

Complementary subjects

What's the point?

Incoming subjects, as it seems to be the incentive
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