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CGU 1.0

After the proposal :

Terms and conditions _may_ apply

===Let's talk about CGU 2.0====

~- libre license
~- respect of private data
~- capacity to reuse: e.g. translate / add subtitles
~- snowden revelations came after 2013

===Current situation with this documentary===

~- not under a libre license
~- the teaser is at first available at youtube, then after some talking published at
~- seems that conclusions brought by this documentary are not even taken into account for _this_ documentary, how can it be relevant?
~- transcriptions cannot really be done without authorization first, cannot be published on wikipedia & commons, then translated
~- it prevents collaborative work & additions / corrections done collectively

~- plateform used is La Fnac ORLY o_O !1!!1!!!! Their CGU are a bit short though well written on the whole:

===A libre license: what does it permits and enables?===
~- redistribution
~- translation
~- enhance the formats available (transcoding)

===private data===
~- attending such an event is _my_ choice, why should it be known and relevant for others if I do not choose to tell them?
~- why tracking could be ever legitimate? I did not ask for it.

===Snowden revelations===
~- of course, Snowden showed that not only what is shown is _real_, more is done that you would not have imagined
~- since Patriot Act, it's "guilty unless proven otherwise", which is both unconstitutional and against human rights

===Complementary subjects===
~- not anonymous, not tracked either
~- Internet is a civilian place, where apply, respect being an evidence

===What's the point?===

===Incoming subjects, as it seems to be the incentive===

~- private rights
~- following the events?
~- Patriot Act : prevents me from going to the USA, I cannot even fill their green card...


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