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Install Mageia 6 on Acer Aspire 10 netbook tablet

The current difficulties are :

What is required?

/EFI directory with bootia32.efi
grub configuration on usb key
grub configuration once installation done
check that no MMC errors remain
check that keyboard (proprietary interface) works
check that wifi, ethernet over usb, blutooth, sound/audio works
check that battery status is ok
capacity to boot an x86_64 distro rather than x32 ? (facultative)

How to achieve it

get bootia32.efi reliably from URL :
format a FAT32 usb key
copy the ISO to the USB key : procedure?
add another partition to the key? like /EFI?
configure grub correctly
install from USB key
at first boot: check what? modify what?
at next boot: what config for grub? which partitions on disk, with which files? (bootia32.efi?)

usb key
FAT32 formatted

copy iso content to key rather than dd

installation result
/EFI partition ? bootia32 ?
/boot with which grub.cfg?

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