I've got not one but 2 tablets Surface : Surface RT 1 (I'm not confident...) & Surface Pro 2 (might be easier).

Why in English: well, most links below will be in English, hence it makes no difference... publishing in French would not make it more relevant (and French people that I know who can help me can read English...).

Objectives: get at least Linux to boot and be usable. Afterwards, find other usages for the tablet (drawing device, handwriting recognition...). At worst: restore a working system.

Install Linux on Surface

First some status to follow
Method applied: well, existing doc' first, then apply by priority and secured path to backup each step.

Some specs for my devices

Surface RT
Bricked, BSOD with some device not working, not even booting

Check if it's error: 0xc000000d

In fact, it's error: 0xc000000f (not found after some research, hardware at fault?)


Surface 2
Pro 2 ?
Locked to login screen, of course I do not have the password...

Backup the existing file systems

Links to backup the content first, in the hop of restoring it later, eventually :-)
With no access to the OS, that's a bit more difficult, at least get ISO images to reinstall from recovery (will lose all data, hell, well...).

Magic keys

Generally, to access special mode, you have to keep the Volume up button pressed, then push power button (sometimes it's the Volume down button, only works once and require to reboot and restart from the beginning to have it taken into account, have the device connected to the computer before or after...)

This is useful for:
Isn't it illegal? Well, check https://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2092158 yes, read it all


http://www.windows8facile.fr/reset-tablette-android/ magic keys "hard reset" for android 4.4 and many tablets

Some pre-requisites

I had a Surface 2 but no alimentation, a friend of mine had a Surface RT 1 with alimentation: by chance, they are compatible \o/

Hardware, performance, devices

Pen available, where is it stored?


Log of actions to get it working

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