Cauldron is the development version of Mageia and this is the category for development pages (creation of RPM, compilations, tests...)

The following 22 page(s) belong to CategoryMageiaDev

ApacheModSummaries [Apache mods improvements summaries proposals]
Blog20100922MageiaBeginningStatistics [Blog20100922MageiaBeginningStatistics]
Blog20100927MapForMageia [A map for Mageia]
Blog20100929MageiaDonationFollowUp [Mageia donations curve (Paypal)]
Blog20101002MageiaLegalManagement [Legal management of licenses for Mageia]
Blog20101003WellMageiaWontMakeItAllOnItsOwn [Mageia won't make it all on its own, needs participation and common involve]
Blog20101011MageiaBuildSystem [Blog20101011MageiaBuildSystem]
Blog20101101MageiaExistingTaskPackages [Existing task- metapackages in 2010.1]
Blog20101119Commtributeur [Un commtributeur ça taffe dur]
Blog20110121BootstrappingMageia [Bootstrapping mageia]
Blog20231116PackagingPronterface [Packaging pronterface pour Mageia]
CategoryBlogMageia [Category Blog Mageia]
CompileXMind [Using XMind for mind-mapping]
CompilingPrograms [CompilingPrograms]
HomePage [Welcome to MageiaCauldron!]
HomePageFr [Bienvenue sur MageiaCauldron !]
MageiaAppDb [Which needs do we want to address?]
MageiaCauldron [À propos Mageia Cauldron]
MageiaForums [Some requirements for Mageia Forums]
MageiaMirrors [What are mirrors used for in Mageia and which parameters are important?]
MageiaReleaseCycle [MageiaReleaseCycle]
TestingMageia10Cauldron2024 [Visualisation des messages d'erreurs classiques sous Linux]

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