UPDATE : mageia-app-db now has a project's website : http://madb.org

The project's goal is to address the following listed needs, through a web application (hopefully hosted on mageia servers), which could be the main access point for users searching for information on the available packages, backports requests and new soft requests handling.

In what follows, I will suppose that the release cycle is a stable release every x months, with security/bugfix updates and backports for version updates. However, most of what follows still applies for a rolling release.

Which needs do we want to address?

(roughly prioritized : high priority, medium priority, lower priority but nice to have)
People can be packagers for some packages (or package groups), testers for others, and simple users for the remaining packages, need to take that into account.

Some constraints:

Why a dedicated application and not just using bugzilla?

What about Sophie?

Ideally, mageia-app-db and Sophie's efforts would be joined, in order to see together where mageia-app-db stops and where sophie comes at rescue, how mageia-app-db could benefit from sophie's vast knowledge on the package database, and maybe how to merge some features of the web frontend between sophie.zarb.org and mageia-app-db.

What's the name of this project?

At the moment, « mageia-app-db », but I'm sure we can find a better name when it'll be in production, because it's not very appealing :)

Already available resources for this project

Resources needed for the project development


Here is a first draft for the roadmap : http://github.com/agallou/mageia-app-db/wiki/ROADMAP

Existing discussions of interest or existing tools/processes

Some discussions can contribute to some parts of this project.

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