Mageia weekly news are a way to identify hot topics of the moment, be it planned or appearing by enchantment.

Mageia Weekly News 2010 week 42

From Monday 18th october 2010 till Sunday 24th 2010

Events, achievements, planned actions



What should be the context and content provided to Weekly News?

Those involved

Anyone interested in reporting a global view of activity for Mageia can contribute (ideally with links to interesting threads identified).

Have in mind that this is a weekly news, not a status report, though it should give any newcomer a sense of what's happening and see how to get involved in the project (see below). To scale correctly, the weekly news could have several teams synthetize their activity (even if not every week, each team having to find their own timing)

What to do

Main objective is to provide global information that can be used:

Static parts

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