TestingMageia2 > Well, on 10th april 2012 I decided to switch to cauldron on my main laptop after http://blog.mageia.org/en/2012/04/05/revised-release-schedule-for-mageia-2/ and tried to get accustomed to gnomeshell in gnome3

I had already upgraded my eee pc since beta2, see TestingMageia2Upgrade

Some feedback then ;-) do not forget to check:

Some really beautiful things with Mageia 2 in cauldron

As usual some bugs to be expected when moving to cauldron

Becoming accustomed to Gnome3

Well, I began with KDE4 (which seems to work correctly imho):
Then I switched back to Gnome to give a try to Gnome3
Some help with gnome-shell:
What I need to find

some things to verify

Some ToDo

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