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TestingMageia2 > Well, on 10th april 2012 I decided to switch to cauldron on my main laptop after and tried to get accustomed to gnomeshell in gnome3

I had already upgraded my eee pc since beta2, see TestingMageia2Upgrade

Some feedback then ;-) do not forget to check:
~- release notes:
~~- (bêta 3 now)
~- errata
~- more generally about this version: (notes de version + errata en français bientôt)

===Some really beautiful things with Mageia 2 in cauldron ===
~- check
~~- eh the background is really fine! appears in drakconf too and at boot! great!!!
~- now KDE4 works correctly : metapackage task-kde4-4.8.0-5 available
~~- default theme for windows is fine
~- latest firefox is fine
~- chromium-browser-stable is more up-to-date than chromium-browser-unstable ;-) 17.0.963.26 vs chromium-browser-stable-17.0.963.65-1.mga2
~- LibreOffice 3.5.1 is nice: writer shows margins as in PAO rather than borders all around like _| at the top-left
~- In gnome-shell, when there's a notification that there's a new mail in evolution, clicking on the notification brings the desktop with evolution forward (would be nice if I could come back as easily to what I was doing or that hovering the mouse over the notification would show evolution in transparency to determine if I want to switch or not)

===As usual some bugs to be expected when moving to cauldron===

~- time came back one hour in the past for me (some conf' in my bios perhaps...), recommand to run ntpdate just after install?
~- well, wifi does not work anymore, prefer wirefull! (find bugs preventing dkms-broadcom-wl from compiling or new driver to be loaded :)
~- evolution a bit lost at first boot
~~- not all "dossier" appear :/
~~- close it, then check config for synchronization, close it again, when opening everything will be back
~~- bogofilter does not seem to work, you'll have to identify spam manually :/ maybe not recompiled (did not find any error message :/)
~~- **in fact, it seems that bogofilter has to be re-trained with new incoming spam** : it ended up working (though now I've got a strange bug for mails in Inbox, which I cannot read (and some cpu consumption as well, which disappear as soon as I choose another directory)
~~- filters seem to work
~- I used to connect automatically with Gnome: KDE4 is selected by default (gave me the opportunity to test it, works quite well), maybe gnome-shell should be default? (how to detect it?)
~- gkrellm does not have an invisible background in KDE4 (it appears black)
~- some effects in the screensaver take up to 15% of each of my quadricore CPU o_O maybe that's too much for just images being displayed? (all the most on a laptop where battery is to be preserved...)
~~- some effects prevent from coming back immediately from screensaver? (pressing key, moving finger on the touchpad, ends up coming back for some unknown reason...)
~- KDE4 became the default desktop environment after upgrade (though I was using Gnome 2 before), can be changed at login (close session if needed)
~- KDE4 comes with touchpad with default configuration: border scrolling, I prefer two fingers scrolling (both vertical and horizontal), could it be the default ?
~- in KDE4 ctrl-alt-[right|left] key does not move from desktop to desktop? check with Gnome
~- in firefox, spellckecking is no longer in french in text boxes? (nor english BTW /o\) where can it be configured? **ok** see
~- [[Blog20120222WifiBroadcomNotWorking check wifi]] seems non free repository is needed to get dkms-broadcom-wl to compile ?

===Becoming accustomed to Gnome3===
Well, I began with KDE4 (which seems to work correctly imho):
~- one feature I really liked: icons of programs launched appear in the task-bar (which I've put at the top, was at the bottom at beginning)
~~- when hovering on the icon, it shows the window at real size in transparency (fine to check if there are discussions on my irssi windows :p)

Then I switched back to Gnome to give a try to Gnome3
~- Activities are available at top-left (or putting the mouse at the corner make them appear directly)
~- System parameters are available clicking on your name (top right):
~~- touchpad: I disabled disabling touchpad when typing, because I felt my touchpad did not work (maybe reduce time to free the touchpad? so that it's available sooner with no lag?)
~~- I changed the zoom to 0,7 for fonts: too big in evolution otherwise
~- tweak-gnome: I changed the theme, I chose Oxygnome. Maybe give a try to oxygen too
~- ctrl-alt up/down key to move desktop (I was used to left/right)
~~- ctrl-alt shift up/down moves the current application to another desktop (a new one if needed)
~~- alt right-mouseclick to choose to put gkrellm on all desktops (eh it took me time to find how to do it!) **OK**
~- when switching to an existing desktop, the window which had the focus should get it back directly without having to click in the window (all the more when there's only one window)
~- alt-tab does not bring back to the previous window when it's the same application:
~~- this is a problem with evolution when trying to switch to a mail previously opened in a window
~~- this is a problem when opening multiple firefox to switch between reference / wiki for example, maybe alt-tab staying on firefox icon would be ok as using arrows is just like stalking/moving in openarena (which most people can become accustomed to as an efficient way of moving)
~~- this is a problem when multiple terminals are open (for example with 2 screen+irssi)
~~- eh this one is easy: just use alt ² (the key above tab) will move across instances of the current application (be it gnome-terminal or firefox) **OK**
~- one major drawback ;-) when switching from Desktop to Desktop, the latest window I was in is not brought forward and I have to click in the window (seems gkrellm is brought forward by default? perhaps because I've configured it to be at the forefront of everything?)
~- one annoyance: showing the status bar requires to put the cursor at the bottom-right exactly: I would have expected it to appear automatically going at the bottom (not in the corner)

Some help with gnome-shell:
~- eh ploum just did it again! (interesting)

What I need to find
~- get back cpu optimizations and economy mode
~- get back bottom panel with desktops
~- hiding top panel: **ok** an extension, see

some things to verify
~- extensions that may be installed for conveniency sake:
~~- extensions to be (or not) installed
~~- see suspend extension (avoids to launch tweak)
~~- how to leave it ? where's the evaluator (or how to make it appear) ?
~~- wow, maths for use of the mouse :-)

===Some ToDo===

~- check openssh-server +# WARNING: 'UsePAM no' is not supported in Mageia and may cause several problems.
~~- is it documented? not that much Slackware but well, is tere a reason why?
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