I'm currently using cauldron day to day on my main laptop, but I wanted to test it for my old Eee PC 901 (with upgraded RAM to 2 GB)

Installing Cauldron Mageia 9 on an Eee PC 901

The install of Mageia 8 ended with a boot for a kernel panic :/ (I had no updates)
Therefore I decided to test the install with current beta2 of Mageia 9 (as of 2023-06-21):
I began by 12h00, failed with Mageia 8, then decided to install current Mageia beta2 9 cauldron and it was successful by 16h00 (took ~1h30), with the upgrade from Mageia 8 to 9 only I would have expected at least 4 hours :-) (slow SSD... too many packages to update)

20230627 - switch to kernel 6.3.9-desktop-2 i686 + use powertop
20230621 - initial install task-gnome-minimal + task-lxqt

What could be enhanced for installation

Switching to lxqt

There's task-lxqt which permits it
Why lxqt? Well,
With GNOME, gkrellm shows that I've got 1500 M / 2000 available (500 consumed, some being not shown as in cache)

With lxqt I expect 1800 M / 2000 available and less than 3 % / core CPU consumption
Disk space used:
Everything seems to work: wifi, blutooth, touchpad, webcam...
though the CPU Intel Atom N270 @1,60 GHz is still slow and the screen 1024x600 a bit small, the GPU Mobile 945GSE Express Integrated Graphics doing good work

The battery is given for 55,3 Wh, the last full charge was 48,2 Wh which gives about an autonomy of 4h (discharge rate of 9,34 Wh)

Some remaining problems / things to check

Enhancements for LXQT

For touchpad (ETPS/2 Elantech)

some interesting references

https://www.notebookcheck.biz/Intel-Atom-N270-Notebook-Processor.28990.0.html N270 technical data

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