There are already categories to install many related packages. Those are called task- metapackages and they permit to automatically install a set of related packages that can be useful for a specific task. Maybe the list could be expanded or broken down into more precise categories (I think of task-games for example).

Existing task- metapackages in 2010.1

The rectangles identify categories and dependancies show related packages or specific declination (e.g. task-printing with types of printers). Grouping could be done otherwise, suggestions welcome :)
Mageia existing task packages in 2010.1
Source is available at Mageia Existing Task- xmind (of course WikiLicense applies) see CompileXMind to edit it

See for example task-games (~60 games) or more simply task-edu : Well the description of the package could be enhanced and its purpose a bit more clear :)

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