Bootstrapping Mageia ? what does it mean ?

Have a look at
If you can, just follow and have a look particularly at for latest additions :-)

well why is java part of bootstrapping ? well you're right, we're not talking about minimal bootstrapping, but welcoming all initatives :)

do we really need 1600 packages for bootstrapping ?

bootstrapping is all about having the minimal packages to make it work and compile, a simple chroot is suficient, then iterations.
bootstrap ~- kernel + compilation tools + basic applications => hence, that's not easy between task-gnome-minimal and task-kde4 :-)

Bootstrapping mageia

Definitiion of bootstrap :
see packages needed for bootsrapping autonomously

Decisions taken at the same time as building a new distro

well, there are policies to define and enforce (once followed and applicable, they can be followed).

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