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===Pages about Inkscape and its use===

Alternate objectives:
~- replace visio thanks to
~- evaluate differences with dia, eventually
~- make good looking drawings (mainly schema), [[CompileXMind Xmind]] being able to export to SVG (seems limited though :/)

===Some notes===
To be checked:
~- with text framed with rectangles, when grouping elements, it seems that ungrouping afterwards those elements makes the frame lost. Bug ?
~- check if a clone
~~- avoids taking too much space in the file (no duplication of object ?)
~~- is the size the same for all, which properties can be adapted ?
~- when moving a rectangle with framed text, the text does not follow correctly (corrected in 0.48 iirc)

~- use text / frame with a rectangle to have text in a box
~~- center it textually, at least horizontal centering will be correct
~- for conductor: check buttons that appear and that may be useful (avoid a shape...)
~- for rectangle: corners can be rounded

dégradé : outil d'édition à partir de la v0.46

premier plan / arrière plan et calque : comment les utiliser correctement ?

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