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I tried Topcased from eclipse repositories but did not (yet) succeed.

One purpose is to create UML diagrams and then convert them into documentation (be it LibreOffice documents of HTML pages).

Install Modelio under Mageia

I used Mageia 4, installation of Modelio 3.2.1 is straightforward: just download the tar.gz, untar then launch cd Modelio* ; ./modelio

The latest stable version of Modelio 3.2.1 (Build 201410311752) is now available (Last update on November 3rd, 2014 ).
I used the open-source version of Modelio (GPLv3, APL, to-be-checked version for module togaf)

Installation of french language is simply a matter of unzipping a file.

The requirements for installations under Mageia were already there.

module architect has examples for togaf
Though, lancez la commande "File/Import project" when the import is not available by default in the open-source version... you kidding me?

There are both examples in french and english for former versions, may be read by 3.2.x version too.
The license is not precised (I suppose the default one applies), seems that the file depends on the version installed, at least there is this formulation:
La version open source ne contient ni les modèles d’objectifs, ni les modèles d’exigence.

Install Modelio under Mageia 2

Some plugins are commercial, find those that are interesting in open-source, see
ls -l /usr/lib/libweb* # shows current version of libraries

# circumvent bug to enable modelio to find the libraries for webkit (better than using xul apparently)
ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/ 

./ -nl fr # to start modelio with french support for the gui

Some interesting plugins called extensions

See to install them (first create a project, then you can install extension) many interesting projects, check manuals (documentation available too, seems mainly in english?)

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