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To contribute to MageiaCauldron, just create an account and you can directly edit the wiki :-)

===Contributing to MageiaCauldron :-)===
Well, some rules of thumb apply:
~- see PageIndex for naming your pages
~- use [[CategoryCategory appropriate categories]], see WikiCategory
~- use meaningful titles for your page, and choose a first title to auto-describe your page (it will appear in the title page)

===Advanced contributions are possible to MageiaCauldron===
If you need to upload images or things to you'll need:
~- an account at
~- being added to the project
~- configure your ssh access to
~~- add a ssh_keys file with your public key in your home
~~- test your access, you should see
%%ssh # if you're using the same login on tuxfamily and your computer
$ cd cauldron
$ ls -1
cauldron-repository # a virtual directory that push whatever you upload to (two other servers in reality)
cauldron_wiki.mysql.dump # well, the database export, for backuping purpose # all that is in the web area at
Static files are better on the download where the quota is 1 GB by default

===Usage example===
scp Mageia*png # will upload nice images in the directory available at (yes there's a mapping of the tree :D)

Other uses are possible:
~- scripts
~- images, screenshots, either in SVG or PNG
~- packages src.rpm + rpm + spec
~- documentations in PDF, .sla or .svg or .xmind for source

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