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====Welcome to MageiaCauldron!====
This website is intended for collaborative work on documentations about Mageia GNU/Linux distribution and the development version: Cauldron, hence the name MageiaCauldron for this wiki ;-)
You can have a look at:
~- [[CategoryBlogMageia the blog]], you may help to follow the current flow on mailing-lists
~- [[CategoryMageiaInfo informations or articles about Mageia]]
~- [[CategoryMageiaDev current developments]]
~- [[CompileXMind mind maps]] (check [[ backlinks]]) to help and document graphically the current thoughts or perspectives

The following Licenses apply to all the work available on this website : WikiLicense

>>==Keep up-to-date==
Check [[ Mageia Blog]] and [[ Mageia main website]]

>>====Getting started====
Double-click on this page or click on the **Edit** link in the page footer to get started. If you are not sure how a wiki works, you can check out the [[FormattingRules Wikka formatting guide]] and play in the SandBox.

Contributing to this wiki is directly possible, just create an account :-)
If you need to upload images, have a look at ContributingToMageiaCauldron

====Some useful pages====
~-[[FormattingRules Wikka formatting guide]]
~-[[WikkaDocumentation Documentation]]
~-[[RecentChanges Recently modified pages]]
~-[[SysInfo System Information]]
You will find more useful pages in the [[CategoryWiki Wiki category]] or in the PageIndex.
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