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How to pronounce Mageia name

well see Mageia launched and a motto for Mageia
Some history about choosing the name Mageia - μαγεία in greek ;-)

Where does Mageia come from?

> I must have missed some posting that explains "mageia"!
> What is the origin of this name, please?

There was some peoples (primarily people at the origin of the fork) who proposed some names (I estimated to 40/50 proposals), and then we removed all that were not suitable :
We also tried to get a name which could be used for design (i.e. we try to avoid turd linux), with name not already taken everywhere, with .com available, and with a possible good catch phrase but we had to relax these checks, as the twitter account was not available, and as the .com domain name was already taken (but that's not a issue, IMHO). And I
think no one thought of the design/catchphrase stuff in the last run.
And so basically, after removing more than 95% of the various proposals, only 2 names survived after the selection. And we voted to keep one (and no, I will keep the other one secret).
Of course, this explanation is less sexy than the other one about "this come from greek", which are true too, but I want to highlight that choosing a name is neither easy or as fun as it sound. And that we didn't start by saying "wow, greek is a cool language, let's find a word from it".

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