Following a discussion with misc, seems that requirements are not yet suficiently expressed to implement them, here is a proposal

Requirements for a wiki

A wiki is for collaborative work and concerns
Can be used:
New international instances could be created when an activity is identified with a dedicated international community contributing (weekly newsletter, projects like providing games experience or other desktop like xfce, magazine...)

Existing documentations or implementations
see ยง2 of PDF document on wiki organization to see how wiki / forum / blog / ML relate with each other for tracking down project issues to be addressed and organization
For more:

Implementation of a wiki from user point of view to infrastructure and communities (delegation)

The architecture should be
Access ...

Directories ...

one server would be suficient for the moment, it's only an illustration of easy change of infrastructure and scalability when everything is planned in advance, with minimal external impact
wiki+db(en) wiki+db(fr) / wiki+db(es) wiki+db(de)

for example, may only be a redirection (or mod_rewrite if needed)

Hardware / admin
server en server fr + es server de outside of mageia infrastructure (example), either with ldap authent or not
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