TestingMageia correspond à l'installation de Mageia dans différentes versions et différentes configuration, sur divers matériels.

The following 12 page(s) belong to TestingMageia

ContributingToMageiaCauldron [ContributingToMageiaCauldron]
InstallLaptop [InstallLaptop]
TestingMageia1 [Testing Mageia 1 alpha 1 in a VirtualBox VM]
TestingMageia10Cauldron2024 [Messages d'erreurs classiques]
TestingMageia1HCL [TestingMageia1HCL]
TestingMageia1UpgradeLatitudeE640020102 [Upgrade from Mandriva Linux 2010.2 i586 to Mageia 1]
TestingMageia2 [TestingMageia2]
TestingMageia3Upgrade [TestingMageia3Upgrade]
TestingMageia4InstallEeePC901 [Réinstallation Mageia 4 sur Eee PC 901]
TestingMageia5Install [TestingMageia5Install]
TestingMageia8Cauldron [Testing early, testing often]
TestingMageia9Cauldron [Installing Cauldron Mageia 9 on an Eee PC 901]

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