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The installation of this wikka wiki for MageiaCauldron has the following modifications, additions and ToDo list (requiring user-feedback).

======Installing Wikka Wiki for MageiaCauldron======
One reason to choose Wikka Wiki for MageiaCauldron will be obvious to those having a look at :-)
Another is that it's lighter than mediawiki (less languages for interface though), has [[ fine management of tables]] and simplicity of markup language (I would've liked to try Markdown though...).
~- slight modification to light css
~~- avoid fixed width size, use sans-serif fonts (check that Verdana is libre, otherwise try with Liberation)
~~- the dark-red for links is perfect as it's the color of choice for Mage :)
~~- see
~- slight problem with .htaccess at install
~~- add ##RewriteBase /## see
~- change in Menus
~~- add WikiLicense
~~- see
~- keep default ACL (+ as authenticated for edition)
~~- user can change it to * to allow anonymous modification (do not forget to change it back to avoid spam)
~~- see link Edit ACLs at the bottom of each page

======To do======
- get user feedback
- check if there's a need to
- check others features I may have missed
- see if modifications are needed at
- support for SVG would really be a plus :)
- configure InterWiki feature (may be useful once bugtracker is available for quick reference)
- install file-upload feature
- see
- and
- check Freemind support (seems to work with a Java applet o_O)
- check that would be stable and interesting

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